Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sharing rice in drought - 2017

Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada)
Two friends together gave 35,000/-. I asked the village women for an account, and they discussed and gave one of theirs. The money was moved their directly.
They collectively withdrew the money. That was delayed as the bank in Kothapeta made them make multiple trips as it 'did not have cash'.
Yesterday Amarnath called up from the neighnouring town of Kallur. He wanted to ask if they could just get rice as that was the most basic need, an skip the dal, which they have anyway got used to doing without. I asked them to get dal also.
Five from the village including three women and two men had gone to get the sacks of rice, dal and oil. The provisions were purchased.
54 families distributed the provisions together at the village temple, and got
- a sack of rice of 25kg - (Rs. 380/-)
- oil (palmolien costing 50/- a litre, the cheapest oil) 2.5 l (Rs.125/-)
- arhar dal - 1.75 kg (Rs. 150/-)
Per family this cost 650/-.

The ration rice at 1/- kg is given as 5 kg per person which sustains them for 15 days. These rations of yesterday will sustain them for another 15 days.
In times of drought and erosion of work, civil society can start reaching out to all villages. Even while we demand that a deaf and dumb government restructures its priorities.
I am not in the village now. I do not need to be. The village people are clear headed, fair and sensible is their choices.


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