Friday, 4 November 2016

A Kerala take on 'Indian norms'

Pratap Pothen
Interesting perspective from a Malayalee , as found in Facebook( credit - Sridhar)

"You non keralaites should understand this before targeting malayalees for their defiance against myths of akhand bharat and the beliefs of north. We hindus of kerala don't worship cows as mothers. You will rather find bulls in shiva temples here as stars. 

For us sabarimala and guruvayoor means alot than haridwar or ayodhya. Our major festivals are Onam and Vishu, not diwali or navaratri. We don't celebrate holi , bhai dooj, karwa chauth or rakhi. Christmas and Eid are pretty much part of our lives. 

Some ardent religious people are vegetarians and a small number by choice. We eat beef, chicken, mutton, pork,duck and all sort of other meats. Fish is essentially a part of keralite cuisine. Just because, some northies worship beef, we wont give up beef. Buffalo meat is not banned anywhere. It was a planned plot in delhi well executed by that hindu sena vanars to hurt keralite defiance. Malayalam is our mother tongue and we are malayalies. Neither Hindi nor sanskrit means anything to us .

Islam and christianity grew here organically and those who believe in those religions are a part of our multi-cultural society.You will find churches, temples and mosques standing tall aside in peace here and some of them are very old. Keep sobbing stories of Mughals and other invasions to yourselves. First Islamic mosque is right here in kerala and a temple was converted for that purpose . Vasco da gama landed right here for spice trade. We had trade relations with arabs and others since centuries. We defeated the Dutch down here in kolachal. 

Travancore and kochi was not part of British India.They were pretty much princely states. Travancore had its own people's assembly right here in Trivandrum. 

RSS and other regressive forces should know that we wont bow before your Hindutva agenda , we joined the Indian Union , which is a secular, federal republic, and will never be a part of any Hindu rashtra. - Regards , Malayali."

Aniruddh H Desai Aparna Krishnan, do you agree with him in whatever he said ?
Aparna Krishnan My village people, hindus SCs eat beef. Their lives, both in the sense of demanding least from the earth and in terms of a vast generosity and in terms of living 'dharmam' as they term and understand it is far superior to that of most vegetarians or non-cow-eaters I have known. I think localised realities is where the truth lies, and not is sweeping statements.
Aniruddh H Desai I really have no problem with people eating beef. Read this again.
But, I won't tolerate it if THEY ARE EATING BEEF FOR THE SAKE OF FASHION. Just bcoz to prove oneself secular and liberal among the circle of friends belong to minority communities in sense of baiting Hindu traditions, one should avoid such trends which are dramatically growing.
Again, problem is not with consuming beef by those who can't afford vegetables but with those who are fashioning it.
And, there's no problem if the cows are hostile but if they are desi or any of Indian breed, that would create a problem for certain.
The thing is about availability of vegetables and other sources of foods without harming animals. If one is so poor and that he/she can't afford vegetables on daily basis, it's natural for him/her to find other sources which circumstate the consuming of animals.
Do you understand what my point is ?
Aparna Krishnan I think simply eating beef as a protest is rather immature. I will leave it there. The other point about an environmental and social value to vegetarianim (I would rather look at it in a larger context than saying than eating cows is not OK, but buffaloes is, as i do not understand that distinction morally, whatever my religion may or may not say), in today's industrial world concern for animals needs to be shown by drastically choosing another way of non industrial life. By cutting own our personal use of cars or ACs or anything else, and by building those possibilities sociatally. Meat eating is a very very small factor if we continue to participate in modern lifestyles which at a stroke wipe out whole hers and species through the climate change it generates. My village cows are being marched to slaughter houses because the failing rains are leaving them starved.

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