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FB Discussions - The price of open sexuality

To all the proponents of 'liberalism', and 'right to dress as we like', and 'the right to kiss on streets' ... your right ends where the act may cause hurt to another.

An increasingly sexualised atmosphere, while maybe liberating, can cause increased rapes, deviances and more. 

I, for one, would never risk it, or debate about it. The safety of all children would make me err on the side of caution. Always.

Nisarg Joshi 'Fabricated and nurtured with the aim of endorsing fashion among kids, IKFS endeavors to provide a launch pad for kids.'

Aparna Krishnan I am glad we have never had a TV.

Nisarg Joshi True. Nowadays, there is a trend to pick them early. Convert them into consumers. Objectification of females is old, objectification of kids is new pervert idea going on in media.

Aparna Krishnan good god. related to paedophilia, however tangentially ?

Nisarg Joshi Media is same cartel which injects both paedophilia glorification as innocent sickness and Kids objectification.

Marut Mitra In the contemporary media landscape, images of highly sexualized little girls and childified images of adult women run together seamlessly. Everywhere we see grown women and little girls in the same fetishized clothing, in the same poses, with the same facial expressions. In fact, bollywood and other local movies also sexualize young girls (by showing vulgar songs in school uniforms. Remember Dj Doll feat Deepal Shaw?). There are fashion shows arranged by schools where little girls do catwalk in adult clothes. Of course, you cannot forget flood of kids reality shows that pops up every evening.

As images of young girls continue to morph into a pornified mold, so too do many of the images and products being sold to young girls in form of teen magazines.Marketing of adult products and teen attitude to younger and younger kids is increasing. Little girls are sold products like costumes, makeup and even bras to help them look more mature.

According to the American Psychological Association, self-objectification is “a key process whereby girls learn to think of and treat their own bodies as objects of others’ desires.” More specifically, a girl must “internalize the male gaze” . . . so the constant question is not just “how do I look?” but “how do I look to him?”

Between 2002 and 2003, the number of girls aged 18 and under getting breast implants tripled, from 3,872 to 11,326.[1]

The pressures start ever earlier. Highly sexualized practices like shaving and waxing pubic hair are now marketed to girls who are barely old enough to have pubic hair.

What are the effects of self-objectification on girls? The evidence is in, and it’s very strong. According to a 2007 report by the American Psychological Association . . .
- lowers self-esteem
- increases risk of depression and eating disorders
- increases vigilance and “body monitoring”
- increases body dissatisfaction (shame, disgust)
- decreases sexual health (condom use, assertiveness)
- impairs mental function and academic performance

If you are angel's father/mother - save her from this invisible objectification. Don't become victim of market forces.
PS: . . . it’s not as if boys are being left to themselves. From cartoons and superheroes to video games and gangsta rap, boys almost from birth are being sold a detached, callous, and often violent hypermasculinity . . .
[1] Washington Post, 10/26/04 (data from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Suraj Kumar During adolescence, a thing called "sexual imprinting" occurs (apparently) that leads to formation of sexual identities.
Now, imagine such a growing child being shown hyper sexualized women, being shown that men are powerful and that sex is everything. So, is there a chance that a girl child growing up in this culture may feel so bad about being a girl that she'd want to turn into a boy instead? Is there a chance that the boys who are shown that women get a lot of attention and sex, would want to turn into girls? Is there a chance that boys, out of being shown male power, will prefer to only love boys? Is there a chance that girls, out of fear of men, will prefer to only love girls?

Marut Mitra This is the reason Brahmcharya is prescribed during critical growth period. Unfortunately, it is now forced wherever it is followed and so it becomes reactive and becomes more pervert in adults. Ideally, it should be explained by right education.
Check this: http://marutmitra.com/sex-education/
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Marut Mitra Human mind fed up very easily. We need next level to maintain, either spiritual bliss or perverseness.
As we become more desensitized to images of hypersexualized young women, the fashion industry has tried to capture our attention by sexualizing young girls. A pioneer of this type of advertising was Calvin Klein, who, in the early 1980s, used the fifteen-year-old Brooke Shields in ads for his jeans with the famous tagline “Do you wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”
And with that, there was a trend of increasing number of pervert pedophilia

Aparna Krishnan I see. Well. There is nothing to say if people see this and choose this.

Marut Mitra "The problem for pornographers is that they are quickly running out of new ways to keep users interested. So one of the big questions they have to grapple with today is how to keep maximizing their profits in an already glutted market where consumers are becoming increasingly desensitized to their products. The solutions for them are the same as for all capitalists: find innovative ways to expand both market shares and revenues in existing markets, bring in new customers, and find new market segments and distribution channels. Thus the major task for the porn industry is to keep looking for new niche markets and consumer bases to open up and exploit while staying within the law, or alternatively, working to change the law—an option that the now-mainstream pornography industry increasingly employs."

Aparna Krishnan Kali yugam. Moral perversion of every kind. Utter insensitivity with people feasting in hotels when the farmers who grew that food is starving. Personal gratification being the end of all.

Naveen Manikandan Periasamy And we have sex education proponents who wont stop with informing teens about dangers of adolescent misadventures and prevention, but want to include Vikram Seth as staple reading for children. All the elements that cause moral detriment in society work hand in hand. The current problem with media is acquisitions and agglomeration as opposed to relatively independent media of yesteryears which simply presented news and stopped with that. Today what Rupert Murdoch and a few others decide as newsworthy is news.

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