Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Parenting (4)

The small pay-offs of parenting

In the village a skinny dog comes home twice a day at mealtimes, to remind us that even two meals a day is not given to all. We feed it, and then we sit to eat. One day it came limping and we realized someone had beaten it in its back. Maybe it went and stole some food in hunger. That day it also started defecating all over the yard. It basically seemed to have lost control over its defecation.

There was enough housework and with a fractured toe, and with water crisis also on, it was vert tight. Much as I wanted to feed the dog as far as I could, I did not feel upto taking on continual cleaning of its feaces. When I told my daughter that I could really not push myself more, she reminded me that it looked pregnant and needed food. She said she would clean up after it, and that we needed to give it food. Though she was also not well, she took that on, and followed it cleaning up after it while it was in the yard.

At such times one realizes that overall parenting has been on track.

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