Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The bane of awards.

Friend - I recently met some one who was offered Magsaysay award. He refused and then they asked him to be part of the award comittee. He refused that too.

when asked why he said that all these are distractions and increase the gap between the poor people with whom he works

Aparna Krishnan Yes. Tell me who.

Friend - No no lets leave it there. He is a Gandian
In the recent talk to students he said Vinoba had advised him to be always a zero. A zero doesn't have value of its own but when any other numeral gets attached before it it adds a lot of value.

The other thing he said was very beautiful - Be poor. Be always with the poor. ( ezhaiyay iru ezhaikalodu iru)

Aparna Krishnan - i am going to paste this without giving your name. ok ?

Friend - no no don't do that

Aparna Krishnan - ayyo why ?

Friend - Its a futile exercise. They will only say he had black money. hence didn't want to be in limelight

Aparna Krishnan - One in thousand will grasp. Or maybe one in 100.

Friend -if it is one in million i will be happy. Definitely not one in ten thousamd

Aparna Krishnan - all village people will understand. I wish the educated norons would leave this land.

Friend -It is just enough if they leave them alone

Aparna Krishnan - They wont. Their hands are itching to 'develop the illiterate'.

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