Saturday, 26 November 2016

The pointlessness of degrees -2

Seeing unbiasedly, I find our education minister quite level headed. If she wants to visit a fortune teller, fine by me. My village people all go to oracles, and i could not wish for finer and more sensible friends than them. I am verring to the view that 'less degreed' people may make for more practical heads. their heads are less addled, and they are possibly less westernized and alienated.

Aditya Gogate Doesn't lack of education lead to poor understanding and hence poor policies?

Abhijit Meenakshi Not at all. Formal education often takes one away from people and society.
The whole debate about educated or uneducated ministers is nonsense. What are you trying to prove?... that only the formally-educated ones have the right to rule? and those who did not have a chance to get formal education in a country where only 15% people reach college, have no right to be ministers? 

Don't forget we had Oxford, Harward, Yale, and IIT educated ministers, who have brought to this state of the country where 75% people go hungry! 

Let's challenge their policies and not their degrees!


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