Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Veganism in perspective.

Mark Johnston
November 1, 2015 at 5:38pm ·

It is world vegan day. Perhaps this is a time to celebrate what ever changes we have already made and to consider how to encourage more change in ourselves and in others.

Aparna Krishnan Restore sane diarying, sane agriculture, sane health. Restore small productive communities !

Mark Johnston I'm not sure we can get sane dairy unless or until consumption reduces to that of our grandparents.

Veganism without moving towards small, productive, agriculture and health focussed communities being a major part of the context is at best a distraction. Celebrating corporations selling us vegan junk food in their restaurants and supermarkets is something I will never back. Neither is diets predominantly based on imported food. Sadly the UK diet most dependent on imported food is the common dairy and meat heavy one as vast quantities of high protein vegetable based foods are imported to Europe to feed to the overstressed and short lived animals by our highly subsidised factory farmers.

To me being vegan is about what are the best choices for me in my environment. I would not presume to tell the Inuit not to eat seals or fish or the Australian Aboriginal not to eat kangaroo or witchety grubs. However in an urban dominated, densely populated country that can and does steal the food from many subsistence farmers around the world simply to satisfy the populations craving for meat and dairy at a level that is bad for health and at a level none of their ancestors could ever have attained I cannot take part in this normalisation of exploitation and I regard myself as lucky to have the choice.

Aparna Krishnan Yes, in the current production mode veganism has a point. But unless gram swaraj is worked out it will lead nowhere, except give us some personal satisfaction/

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