Sunday, 27 November 2016

Village vignettes - Rohit the menace (6)

Rohit. my charmer.

When the Ayyappa pilgrimage is taken on, the rules are rigourous. Austerity is followed, and lying, fighting and suchlike are prohibited. For that period of austerities they are referred to as Sami, and they address everyone else as Sami. I call Sasi, Sasi Sami, and he calls me Madam Sami !

Rohit same and told us, "Daddy Sami says that the day he is back from Sabarimalai he will thrash me in a way I will never forget."!

Simhadri Sami (Daddy Sami for Rohit) has taken the vows and could not hit Rohit through all his infinite mischeifs for that month !

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