Saturday, 26 November 2016

Vinoba and the Planning Comnission

"Nehru in an effort to get some legitimacy for his developmental efforts from the Gandhians sent a member of the Planning Commission in 1951 with a draft of the First Five Year National Development Plan to Vinoba Bhave for his comments.

After going through the draft Vinoba opined that in a poor and populous country like India any plan should have as its priority the utilisation of its vast and cheap human resources which would lead to both the eradication of poverty and high savings andcapital formation and he did not see any of this in the draft before him. 

Vinoba is reported to have said, " I have found only one useful thing in this bulky document. It is the pin holding it together. So I am taking out that useful thing and consigning the rest to the waste paper basket!" (Dhadda op cit, pp 6)."

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