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FB Discussions - more on reservations

Some people say that reservations is not reaching the poorest and so to scrap it. I would have expected the answer to be, "demand it reaches."
And though much correction is needed, it does reach. One of my village boys is a government school teacher. It happenned only because of reservations. Another is a librarian - similarly.
Poor village government schooling, illiterate families, poor nutrition, crises in homes, studying in a one roomed hut, facing subtle discrimination in colleges for being SCs. Want more reasons why I want reservations, and more of it ? I can go on.
Shyamala Sanyal Equal education everywhere is a must . No separate elite schools .
Ekta Agarwal This is a burning need, I do not know when elite schools sprung up but they are really rotting the schooling system of this country.
Shyamala Sanyal Ekta Agarwal elite schools , five star hospitals, bottled water , air purifiers. For God's sake 
Shyamala Sanyal Ekta Agarwal and they only teach children to consume , pollute, compete . No nurturing, no sustainable livelihoods nothing .
Aparna Krishnan only two days ago I had made a grand declaration of not commenting . So much for my own convictions
Shyamala Sanyal Ekta Agarwal these ultra elite from rarefied circles are better out of the system. No meddling
Aparna Krishnan
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Radhika Ganganna Agree. But how to answer those who equate reservation to lowering of standards/quality?
Aparna Krishnan Let standards be lowered to an extent if that wil;l ensure a level playing ground !!

Shyamala Sanyal What have high standards achieved at all ?only a super fatted selfish insensitive lot
Aparna Krishnan maybe they can solve equations faster 
Aparna Krishnan

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Ekta Agarwal Aparna, the folks you spoke about would have still got the reservation if it was on economic basis. It would have atleast kept the non-deserving rich out, I think that is all that is being demanded. People do want reservations to reach the poorest, but when you see a rich guy getting in through "reserved" means, it is hurtful. There is a subtle difference, also, reservation is the primary reason that in the "urban" world too, people are aware of somebody's castes and hence the implicit discrimination. Why do we want to reserve for a caste, for a religion, why not just on the basis of economic position? It would help to bring more oneness and to look at everybody as same. I know it when you say that the SCs are still being discriminated, but how many of those are there, as compared to the ones who are rich and truly reaping the benefits of reservation. I am yet to see people give up the privilege of being reserved on their own, 3-4 generations of families have enjoyed the benefits and they are actually rich but would still use it. Would not you want that to go away, and rather the roadside vendor, irrespective of his caste, or religion, use it?
Aparna Krishnan Aparna Krishnan Yes, we also need economic based reservation. Reservation for children from Indian language schools ... everywhere where there is a handicap.
After that, 1. a SC poor suffers far more than a Reddy poor. 2. Jatis/ communities are the frameworek of the society and you cannot wish it away. It needs to be made more even where disparity is pronounced. To understand this one may need to live in a community like a village. 3. I also agree the rich need to be phased out. At the same time I suspect an SC IAS officer will also face a subtle discrimination compared to a brahmin IAS officer.
Aparna Krishnan

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Suraj Kumar As long as there is no philosophy uniting everything expecting changes we make to artificial created minds, such as the govt, will not bring about a fundamental change in how we perceive each other (or our own body's inner community even). This system of the west is fundamentally flawed. My position remains: non-negotiable unless we talk about modifying those systems to emit the message that superior communities of philosophies shaped this land and that those superior thought patterns must be given the way to lead.. lead towards what? Towards effective dismantling of this western virus - what the native Americans rightly diagnosed as "wetiko virus".
Aparna Krishnan We need to tune in to our ways. And then build on that and correct that which needs correctting. Westewrn frameworks and theories will not suit us.
Chitra Sharan I recommend nooru naarkali by Jeyamohan to read for all who think that economic status should be the only criteria. The sociological aspects of caste plays a huge part. Aparna Krishnan , you are absolutely right when you say a poor upper caste IAS will be treated differently from a IAS who is from a deprived group.
Aparna Krishnan
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Aparna Krishnan

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