Saturday, 3 December 2016

Generosity Through Droughts

Once the village bore also dried up, people had to run to distant fields and get water. One day someone took away the stored water from Sarojamma’s home when she was away. She was shouting in general about this while in the que to collect water, and after sometime Doraisamy anna intervened saying that when someones takes away water one should not complain, as giving water is daanam.

Munneshwari interjected saying that one cannot steal water carried with such difficulty. But still that statement from Doraisamy anna again pulled people back to an awareness of a truth larger than the present. 

When I was away Eashwaramma had taken away much water which I had kept in the bathroom for when I came next. I was very annoyed realizing that the village water had run dry and that she had used my 'store' also, and had shouted at herin much annoyance for a long time.

At this observation of Doraisamy Anna's I realized that there is a code of behaviour - and i had well transgressed that.

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