Friday, 16 December 2016

Which is more ahimsa ?
- a free range hen pecking and growing in a village, and killed one day for a festival meal in the SC village.
- apples imported from Australia and had daily in a vegan household in Bombay?
Ekta Agarwal You are talking of food preferences. In today's world, we can set it away from ahimsa. In my opinion, ahimsa is to do with having non-violent thoughts.  Good, positive thoughts and wishes for the wellbeing of all is ahimsa, rest is himsa. Food preferences are just that, food preferences!
Aparna Krishnan Our life is politics. And ethics.
Suraj Kumar yeah i never understand this whole separation of religion from state, ethics, etc
Aparna Krishnan We only have our life. And how we live it is what we stand for, and stand by. Food, clothing, relationships and all else.
Rajiv Ramnath Suraj Kumar >> whole separation of religion from state Ans: People (you and I) are welcome to combine their personal politics, religion etc. However, the STATE must keep religion out of its governing principles so as not to impose a specific religion on others. Hopefully that answer helps.
Suraj Kumar Rajiv Ramnath But then it does. It promotes science. Now, I know most people don't view science as a religion. Sad. But that is my point.

If "religion" is the "way of life" of a people, then science is the way of life of a lot of people world over today who participate in scientific industrial civilization. So, you see, it is inseparable. This could be replaced with vedic sciences. Then the way of life would probably be meta-compatible with the ways of life of many diverse people. Stil, inseparable - in that, the respect of all religions, and accommodating those needs into the framework of governance, becomes important. If my rivers are my gods, then damming it up hurts me - and maybe turns me into a terrorist.

For those of us who are suspicious of the claims of materialism it's astonishing, and also…
Aparna Krishnan Thats it Rajiv. The superstitions that the devotees of science follow, beats what most religions have engendered. Anything that does not fit into the understanding of science is dismissed. Science is the only holy truth.
Rajiv Ramnath Aparna Krishnan Suraj Kumar I'd like to understand your view point better. What superstitions do scientists follow?
Rajiv Ramnath Suraj Kumar The book you posted a reference to (which I read a few years ago) basically states: "The science delusion is the belief that science **already** understands the nature of reality" and then argues against it. That premise is false. To begin with "science" can't claim anything, nor can "science" understand anything. Claiming and understanding are human activities; science is an abstract concept. Perhaps the book meant to say, "**Those who believe in science** claim that science **already** completely explains the nature of reality"? Well, I believe in science and I don't believe that science has explained everything. However, I DO believe that the scientific **method** is the only way **we know today** to build **reliable** explanations of reality. Happy to hear your arguments against this belief as stated.
Aparna Krishnan That only what is scientifically (mechanistically) proved is true !!
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Mark Johnston The apples from my old tree that keep without preservatives or refrigeration and last me from November until June. However given only the choice of your two, it would be the chicken 
Rama Subramanian neither. there is no comparison between the two though.

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