Thursday, 26 January 2017

Caste stories

My village is an SC village. Whern they migrate to Tirupathi due to drought, they work in Sulabh toilets. The Sulabh is manned exclusively by SCs.

Happy Republic Day.
Zakeena Seethi But you believe in division of labour, castewise.?

Aparna Krishnan There are many dimensions. Untouchability is a blot on Hindusim, on the caste system and the country. The jaits, the communities, or castes are the vaster reality of this country, which cannot be wished away, and need not be also in my opinion. Every country will form smaller sects always. 

The potter community protected the skill of making pots, the weaver community of weaving.. The skills need years to pass on, through apprenticing, and that happened. That division of labour also gives employment security in society thus. A weaver child who badly wants to be a potter or a brass artisan I am sure could and should have been able to. 

But that is today only theories - as modernity, with modern schooling  - has destroyed all these skills and their passing down. And industrilization with petroleum power has made all these sustainable skills utterly unviable , and in a generation all will be lost.

Aparna Krishnan I see the SC issue, and the larger network of jatis as seperate concerns.

Shyamala Sanyal What is the solution.

Aparna Krishnan if i knew i would not be wasting time writing here - i'd be out there !!
Gowri Shankar R Mam- we should stop tagging them based on caste. Why should we identify them based on their religion or caste which are not their own choices?
TN Seshan too said this in an interview. When he had contested the presidential election against KRNarayanan. Media was just describing him as Dalit when he had a lot of other professional qualities to his credit. When we are fighting against discrimination, we should be the first to stop categorizing a section as SC or Dalit.
Aparna Krishnan The Dalit reality has to be faced and accepted. A Dalit poor faces far worse than a Reddy poor. Affirmative action to undo generations of mischief has to be implemented - after we succeed in doing that, that we can ignore it !
Gowri Shankar R It is they who take the pain. I admit they face discrimination and are abused. We saying repeatedly that they are  Dalit and that is like rubbing salt in a wound. A human irrespective of the section he or she is, cleaning the toilets is highly condemnable and deplorable.
Jagga Lalgudy If SC's stop cleaning it, then the stench will force the FC's to come and clean it on their own.

Aparna Krishnan They need two meals a day. This is the option. We have pushed them to the wall.
Jagga Lalgudy Yeah, by stopping the cleaning for just two days will force the others to pay more or will force them to come clean it on their own.
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula When Govt sanitation worker jobs were exclusively reserved for a few "SC" communities in Maharashtra or Gujarat, there was no uproar against it by the "meritocracy" crowd which doesn't miss an opportunity to target the reservation system otherwise!

That itself is the biggest reason why we need reservations. Our PM is on record having said that Valmikis should consider their work service to God!
Aparna Krishnan Cant he be charged for that !
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Is that the only thing he can be charged with? Media decided what he can be charged with, and see who owns media houses and who sits as editors!
Aparna Krishnan What is the caste profile of media house ownership ? Editorship I can guess.
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Baniyas or Brahmins especially Delhi/Mumbai cartel. There are a few owned by others but targeted and bought out.
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula

When will the Brahmin-Bania hegemony end? - Livemint
Media in India is almost entirely controlled by Banias and Jains. Of the two largest English newspapers, The Times of India is owned by Jains and the Hindustan Times is owned by Banias (Birla). The third largest English paper, The Hindu, is owned by Brahmins (Kasturi Iyengar family). The Indian Express is owned by Banias (Goenka). Zee TV is owned by a Bania (Subhash Chandra Goel). Of the two largest Hindi newspapers, Dainik Jagran is owned by Banias (Gupta), and Dainik Bhaskar is owned by Banias (Agarwal). The Agarwals also own Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar. The largest Gujarati newspaper Gujarat Samachar is owned by Jains (Shah). The largest Marathi paper Lokmat is owned by Jains (Darda). Rajasthan Patrika is owned by Jains (Kothari). Navbharat Times is owned by Jains and Hindustan owned by Banias (Birla). Amar Ujala is owned by Banias (Maheshwari)."

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