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When women with no option sell their bodies, they are ashamed.

When men (and women) with plenty of options sell their minds to the highest bidders, at cost of betraying their country then ... ?
To companies here and abroad that destroy forest, pollute rivers.To companies that seduce poor villagers into buying soaps and toothpastes they can scarce afford against locally available neemsticks and ritha. 
Unilever, Colgate ...
And these highly educated consider themselves honourable, tax paying citizens of the country they live in.

Jagga Lalgudy The double standards these two companies practise w.r.t social responsibility will become so obvious if one gets a chance to live in UK and travel across Europe. Morethan blaming the CEO's I would blame the well paid Indian employees of the company working for them in India and supporting the causes of their paymasters to wreck India. Born in India, get paid and raised by Indian taxes, study in the best of the IIT's & IIM's thro tax payers money and join these companies to back stab India. We in India do not need Porikisthan or any external enemies.

Jagga Lalgudy The entire production line of all of these products by foreign companies flout all the rules of the nature, environment etc. But, these companies that produce are not owned buy the parent companies. That is the major trick. But, the finished product is owned by the parent company and is sold as a very legal and sacred product. That is the way they wash off their hands. None of factories in Tiruppur are owned by any single branded company. But, the final product turns out to be a expensive and luxury and a prestige item. Noyyal river and the entire fertile Tiruppur belt has become barren chemical land. It needs more than 50,000 gallons of water to make a car and that is why all car factories come to India - free water and lax rules. The next biggest con on India is the education industry, while there are no such mushrooming collages at all in UK & Europe.

Jagga Lalgudy I call it Banana leaf theory - we could all have had one banana tree in our backyard for our family leaf consumption. But, we destroyed greenery to build massive steel factories to make a simple and advanced steel plate to eat. More destruction to mine to feed the factories. Then, we went on to build more destructive factories to make soaps to clean those greasy plates. Then we went on a more destructive path to invent chemicals to clean the water polluted by these plate washing soaps and massive factories to make these chemicals and other grotesque methods to clean the pollution. All, the while we had this far advanced and far simpler banana leaf, and the tree which gave every part as food, fibre etc.
Jagga Lalgudy One has to see to believe how a private trust called "National Trust" buys up all open areas across UK to preserve it.

Suraj Kumar More than blaming either CEOs or employees, we could see it as a systemic issue. This documentary illustrates this aspect. Corporations are legally like people (they can own property, be sued, etc.,), yet socially like psychopaths (they keep doing the same insane things even if you 'punish' them a little bit).
The Corporation (Full Documentary)
Hidden Knowledge: Corporations; how they came into being, how they have changed, how they are run and…

Aparna Krishnan but we individuals choose where to draw our pay packet from, and where to pledge out sweat.

Suraj Kumar Agreed. What I mean is that if the CEOs and the employees could see that WE are different (humans) from THAT (corporation)... then maybe we will work together better in subverting this monster we've created.

Suraj Kumar WTO or coca cola has a mind much like our minds. Much like our minds which emerge from the collective minds of the germs and cells who run the show (marut), these organisations work based on human decisions, surely not all being equal.

Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston Perhaps if someone is so far removed from the soil and soul of a place that they are able to ignore their own roots and the needs of the poor whilst they jet off to become rich then losing them is not actually a great loss. Scotland lost and continues to lose a lot of supposedly bright young people to London and America through the so called brain drain. I suspect that, on balance, we are better off than the countries they left for as people that lacking in empathy and understanding may not contribute nearly as much to our shared humanity as they do to an artificial economy.

Aparna Krishnan i have been reaching that conclusion myself over the years.

Zulfi Haider agreed. Wonder as Suraj says corporations are like Individuals entities....can they be sued, hospitalized, identified as psychopaths? recently i met some one who proudly proclaimed she works for Syngenta....i honestly did not know how to respond and engage. One the other hand when many young people come and ask if i can guide them about NGOs....knowing NGOs now for more than 2 decades...i am lost; What do i say to this idealistic and passionate young person? How most NGOs are run, I dont want any really good person to go and work for ....well most of them. Even the best are rather bad when it comes to inner democracy, HR systems, open about different views,dissenting voices, organizational inter-preunership, etc. They demand loyalty to the founder and his or her views, and more often there is a big difference in what people say and what they really do and how they conduct themselves, which is rather horrible! least in a corporate, you know what you work for, need not have any illusions and you can have your own life, views etc at least outside.

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