Saturday, 28 January 2017

Veganism and Jallikattu and Coconuts

The farmer who grows our food is malnourished. His children cannot afford the milk from the cow he grazes. That is normalized and we do not get shocked.

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Aparna Krishnan: If they turn Vegan, their problems will be solved.

Aparna Krishnan hah ! how come some bright spark in delhi has not come up with that suggestion yet. Or some NGO.

Aparna Krishnan Until the day people are able to take charge of their destinies, there will always be powerful people, rootless, infinitely arrogant, who will kill (often with love !).  

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula PETA has done seminars on Veganism in 68000 KV schools across the country. All the animal welfare board people are Vegan Evangelists, which itself is such a huge conflict of interest.

Aparna Krishnan and what is the conflict of interest ?

1) Vegans wants animals to be liberated, which is the most ridiculous goal devoid of any understanding of reality or evolution.

2) They are controlling positions which affect how animals are reared, treated. They will only create rules to ensure the activity is killed rather than regulate it and promote.

3) Jallikattu is a good case in point. After conspiring to get it banned with White Man's money, these coconuts say they have no plans of rehabilitating the bulls, no information on how many were sold to slaughter. They also claim, it is better not to breed these bulls at all.

4) Ours is a country with a dire malnutrition, poverty & illiteracy crises. Midday meal schemes are the primary reason why states like TN, KL have achieved socioeconomic development while ensuring the malnutrition, starvation deaths etc are reduced. Eggs are a key component in this of providing necessary animal protein for growth especially in the formative age.

If we allow Vegans to preach to our kids, who will stop eating meat, we put a burden on the family, society as well as ensure the kid is losing it's best chance to grow up healthy.

This is a war on our country's future sovereignty and economic independence. We lose our connect with livestock, we will end up importing all our food. We already do that in pulses, oilseeds now. Who gains in this?

Western Agro business!

Aparna Krishnan This is a country of coconuts. (Almost) every educated person who holds power - mainstream or  activist - is a coconut. By the time we educate them we will lose our sanity. Power simply needs to come to the people. If Eashwaramma, illiterate and landless all that, made policies, she would make far far better policies that waht comes out of the Delhi corridors.

Aparna Krishnan But that seems wishful thinking as of now - hope the tide turns.

Aparna Krishnan And all this is why Jallikattu is such a critical issue to take on. It symbolizes fundamental power equations. And yet I have many 'socially active' friends who wonder why we 'waste time on jallikattu'.

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