Monday, 20 February 2017

Jallikattu and far more.

This is an essay questioning the A1 - A2 milk debate around Jallikattu. Do we need to respond ?

There are many deeper essays on Jallikattu which talk about livestock/agriculture co-existence. 
And even if draught animals vanish is that no issue ? 
The survival costs and sustainability of Indian cattle compared to hybrids ? 
These are very selective choice essays. 
As for A1 and A2 that is a matter of choice just as Ayurveda believes in cow and not buffalo milk as a better option. 
There are many such essays on many nameless websites that are cropping up since many years just to debunk traditions .
And above all it is a local religio-cultural tradition and that for me is good reason enough. A local Tamil issue , even 4 district issue is good enough. The article means means that if one last tribe is left with 1000 people with beliefs should be forced to convert to their values ?
I now do not waste a minute on these irrelevant seemingly rational idiots who just know how to google.

'Local culture is local right' is the main (and only) defence we need to offer. 
Whether we save local genomes or not is nobody's business.

Aparna , that is one way , but when a movement becomes large it is the people who chose what they want to highlight as the number of points are many . It is Fake of Debators vs Fake of Affected people now in this inane media led world
Is PETA saying their main target is milk drinking . Everyone out there is a fake , so some of the tools the people who are affected will have to use are fake. Its a Mahabharat 

A 100% right path for campaigns is not possible in this day and age of ruthless fake and manipulative media , PETA is working on Delhi, have they come and spoken to affected people ? Have they tried a dialogue before going to court ? Its all about power to manipulate
And just because a Dalit says something it doesn't become Truth.

And this was posted by a Dalit. So ? Where is this Dalit in the hierarchy of "Dalits" ? Is he/she a Mahadalit ? Does he/she support rights of livestock keepers and are they all non Dalits ? Just knowing English places you above many non Dalits who cannot speak a word of Dalit so then you are already socially higher !

I hold no brief for these so called Dalit speakers, they end any discussion in noise and shouting. In my limited exposure. But if the real Dalits, my village people, spoke, one owes 100% attention.

Do your village folk self identify as Dalit ? Or just a community name ? Is there a Tamil word for Dalit ? Just interested.

Just a community name. Mala.
Our village is Telugu. No, there is no equivalent for Dalit.

That is my point , this whole categorisation of SC ST OBC Forward Caste is irrelevant with 4635 communities . You cannot compare the richness of a Khasi tribal to a Bhil . Similarly Dalit is just another political gathering like Proletariat or Petty bourgeoisie .
I only will deal with self definitions which are cultural-social of the community now . Everything else is inane for me now.
Chamars are the elites in UP, Mahars in Maharashtra and they take up all the jobs .
They look down on others more than a upper caste does
Same with Yadavs and Jats in OBC
And same with tribes I have seen anywhere in India , Khasis think they are superior to Garo, and Meities to Naga
It is like saying "Third World" means nothing to me.
I will interrogate everything created by a western understanding now, absolutely ruthlessly without any empathy.
No one has shown any empathy to understanding the complexity and sustainability of the Jati system so I have no patience with these blind people anyways.

Scientific reasoning is needed to bring people on board, the ones who believe in western science. Devil in the Milk is a good book for the A1/A2 milk debate.

Modern science alters its own contours every decade.
And the essential in my understanding that we need to demand is the slogan in Marina, "Enga veetu maadu, unaku enna keedu", and stand by it !(That translates to 'My house cow, whats your business')

Now dairy business is a bit shaken too as people have internalized the milk debate. It's not just the A1/A2 narrative but everyone has a reference point in their lives to tell them what native cattle milk is like and how good it is for our health
That's why it's very important that we take this battle forward as we are the transition generation. If we fail to do so, the next generation would be lost for any reference to our traditions. The homogenization would have been complete

Absolutely. This is the struggle of the time. The 'traditional activists' cannot see it. Each of them posted acknowlegeing the people strength (as they could not possible evade that), and advising the people of 'more important issues' !

What they all missed is Cause above the activist, People above the cause, always.

Similarly Rules are there to help the People not make their life hell !

That is the basis of satyagraha against laws that are people unfriendly .

The best leaders are those who are facilitators and guides not finger waggers,Or controllers

That is what Gandhi dreamt of . If he wanted the people to learn , he never used an army or police or a judicial fiat , he spoke , he fasted.
I would like to see any urban activist, feminist of any kind have that kind of relationship to the people. They all look down and want the Stalinist approach
Most activists I know , environmental, wildlife, feminist , left , right , developmental are all fascists inside .

They want the power of unilateral decision making .

Yes, the entire "I know what's best for you" narrative needs to go..
This discussion belongs to public space. Will compile later.

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