Thursday, 16 March 2017

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17 March 2016 ·

I have always admired the Arab men for wearing their own national dress with comfort and confidence. Why do educated Indian men wear trousers and shirts - so unsuited to a tropical climate."

The English Educated Indian  has given his heart to the western world, the western clothes, western language and western philosophies. Sadly he sets the trend for the country.

Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Arabs own the world, Indians are owned by the world!

Dhandapani Murugesan Your posts are itself being in English ๐Ÿ˜Š
Aparna Krishnan I am one of the English Educated Indians myself. But I have seen the alienation that that modern education has caused from fellow Indians.
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Just like Gandhi used English to articulate with the Brits, we have to use English with the English minded crowd to slowly wean them away and bring them to understand the real India!
Dhandapani Murugesan But I share my thoughts in Tamil ; English is of course important to connect globally;
Aparna Krishnan Dhandapani Murugesan yes, it is most important to communicate in the local languages. The English crowd only needs second attention.
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula I post in both Tamil & English! Wish I could drop English totally, but then I wouldn't be able to connect with others outside my world.

More than using the language, it's the thinking in the language which is dangerous!

Aparna Krishnan Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Gandhi was not so successful there actually. Read Nehru's views on villages !
Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula Gandhi could take on the Brits, but not their clones in India!
Dhandapani Murugesan I can speak telugu kannada and tamil is my mother tongue; I don't change my dialects and accent and I am conscious about it. English is also important to me
Aparna Krishnan There is a snobbery to English. By using it itself we strengthen that snob value. Its a double edged tool. Yes, having most  posts bi lingual is a very intelligent choice.

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