Thursday, 25 May 2017

A well, and swimming, and caste in Chittoor.

A well breaks caste barriers. Suresh, Naidu landowner, sits on the steps with his son. Sasi, SC, in the water calls his son to jump in to learn with him.

And this is normal practice in the village, and is not so after some new caste assertion. Come summer and every child of every caste and colour and gender is in the well.

Parthasarathy VM Yup.. Everyone got to use the well.. It was a common space. others were the open grounds where the kids used to convene for Cricket and other games - Though there was demarcation for the guys and girls as the games were different. But that also was put aside when they played hide and seek / Police & robbers.. 40-50 kids of all communities playing together.

Aparna Krishnan There are certianly SC problems which need correcting, but it is not a unidimensional 'feudal, castist, patriarchal' world as in modern sociological discourses is my understanding.

Aparna Krishnan I see caste in my village as not a unidimensional villianous srtucture, but something that curves and adapts in many many ways. Some processes in it need correcting, while some are affirmative.

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