Friday, 7 July 2017

Free Choices !

'Free choice' and 'artistic freedom' come after some other things. Movies that celebrate stalking and claiming women lead to vitiation of a vitiated society. I would demand censorship.
Some say that public should be made more discerning and wise, rather than allowing censorship. Good luck to them - and till they train their society into those ways, I would want censorship. The risks are murders and rapes - unacceptable risks.
Aparna Krishnan Maybe one chooses what one's own proclivities are. Still, should movies be allowed to showcase those desires and celebrate them ? When there is a growing callousness and implicit violence all around. I would say not.
Bhanudas More Agreed !
Aparna Krishnan I thought this position would be against 'free choice' and 'freedom of expression', and hence I would be in a minority of one.
Bhanudas More In the context of good will for society it's better to b in minority instead of being in bandwagon of Western backed harmfull choices such as freedom of etc etc .
Aparna Krishnan There is a stupidity in the modern progressive compared to traditional grounded common sense as i see in simpler communities.
Bhanudas More YES! Indeed that's what we witness everywhere progressive texts differed frm traditions on the grassroot level. Progressive thoughts are not compatible to traditional Indian socities
Aparna Krishnan it is ok, and also necessary, to question traditions. But from a position of rootedness, and not rootlessness. The modern liberal progressive is usually a self indulgent rootless character.
Nanak, kabir, mirabai, draupadi ... were all genuinely progressive. modern english speaking progressives, deriding traditional societies, are another breed.
Aparna Krishnan The modern progressives are also uncultured. Nanak respected the society he questioned, as also Gandhi. The moderns will post pictures of gods being flushed down a commode. Completely uncouth and arrogant behaviours. No villager will do or say such things - the traditional indian is deeply cultured, as befits an ancient society.

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