Friday, 7 July 2017

Remedies for Eye sty

My daughter's eyelid got swollen so that blinking was hard. It seemed like a sty forming. The local remedy for that is applying the nama katti paste - the clay stick that Vaishnavites use to apply the U shaped mark on their forehead.
The other remedy is to apply paste of the marapachchi bommai, a traditional doll usually found in pairs in many homes. This is made of rakta chandanam, red sanders.
As we had the marpachchi bommai, I rubbed it on a grinding stone with some water and applied the paste over the eyelid where the sty was forming. She repeated this every few hours. The next day the sewlling lessened, and in two days the eye was fine.

Marapachchi bommai

Namakatti (and marapachchi bommai)

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