Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Menstruial Options and Rhetoric

"BJP leader @MALAVIKAAVINASH says Sanitary Napkins aren't needed & that they are a foreign conspiracy. Asks Indian woman to shift to cloth!"

She is being trolled very uncouthly. I wish the trollers had a level head on their shoulders. And some decency in discourse.

I agree with the BJP leader here.

- My village is poor. People here need to use their money carefully.

- Women have traditionally used cloth peices cut from old sarees, and washed, sun dried, and reused them. One old saree will do for the reproductive life of a women.

- I shifted to the same completely when I was 25. I have travelled a lot, and lived through droughts in my village. The choice has been very comfortable

- A corporate media, and an upper class sold to disposables, have turned the argument into one of 'hygiene' and 'comfort' of sanitary napkins. Both these are very available in cloth.

- The village school girls are now all shifting to sanitary napkins as they are being wooed in government schools with free pads. One nore consumer item they will be buying all their lives. And creating landfills in the villages.

I would like sanitary napkins (as also all other new fangled non degradable disposanbles like diapers) banned or made unaffordable. My vote is for local no cost alternatives.

Aparna Krishnan
Aparna Krishnan local, no-cost is local, no-cost ! Nothing to beat that. And nothing should interfere with that. Cloth from old cotton sarees wins hands down anytime.
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar Agreed! Also, to make cloth needs only cotton, a charkha and hand loom. Whereas the one I've linked above needs an entire machine, electricity, wage slavery, chopping off pine trees, packaging, transportation, etc., The village way of life is distilled elegance.

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