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Stories from Annasamy Anna -9

31 July 2014 at 06:50 ·
Annaswamy would be about 70 years , an active, healthy 70.

He has been working for Uma and Naren for many years looking after their coconut garden. He likes to come to our home in the evenings for a chat and for a cup of tea that I usually make him. When I cook at the fireplace he sits on the trunk next to it. He has many local tales and riddles that he shares.
He tells of the birth of creation.

Right in the beginning, Gangamma was born. When she attained age, she desired male company. She created Vishnu, but he addressed her as mother and asked ‘Why did you cause me to be born Amma’. She reduced him to a pile of ash. Then she created Brahma, but the same situation was replayed. Then she created Shiva, and when he appeared she told him that she desired to marry him. He said she should then restore Vishnu and Brahma, and she agreed and they both arose from the ashes.

Shiva then said he was willing, but that if he married her, then no father would give his daughter to him later in marriage. Gangamma assured him that this would not be an hinderance, and that no one would know. So Shiva put his hand in hers, tied the thread around her neck and then placed her in his matted locks.

Then Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva decided on how they needed to share responsibilities. Brahma wrote the ‘rotha’ or the fate. Shiva looked after the creation and birth, and Vishnu sustained life. Then they created Yama to handle Death. Yama bowed to them and asked how he could possibly do all that. They assured him that he would have ‘dootas’ to do the work, and he only needed to keep track of the punyam (good acts) and karmam (ill acts).

Those who had done punyam needed to be sent to the gods, and who who had done karmam had to atone for that and then go to the gods. It is said that writing began with this need of Yama to keep track of paapam and karmam.

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