Saturday, 8 July 2017

The vanishing of the feminists

Where are the feminists now ? As a woman I stand by Smriti Irani. As a citizen i stand by the right of another citizen from any background, even a modelling background, to rise in power. I will question only her decisions that i would disagree with.
"For all the thrust on women’s empowerment in the last few years, not one agency of that empowerment, woman or group or media, has come forward to caricature on their front page Congress’ Sanjay Nirupam for asking Smriti Irani to do thumkas, Nilamoni Sen Deka for calling her ‘Modi’s second wife’, Sharad Yadav for telling her “I know what you are” and JDU’s Ali Anwar claiming Irani has been given the textile portfolio to ‘cover her body.’
That this is said of any woman in public life by a man in public life should merit a 62-font headline. You can deal with incompetence by criticism, reshuffling, shunting and sacking. Sexism can only be called out and shamed to be fixed.
It brings to mind the alleged 1989 molestation of Jayalalithaa by the members of the DMK in the assembly. The physical bringing down of a woman (also from a showbiz background), the wrong sort of woman that they disagreed with and wanted to see silenced. Today, it is notional. This is what vastraharan feels like - with all the elders sitting around, silent."

Rama Subramanian this is despicable. 2 years ago, when i first saw her interview (till that time i was unaware of such a person), i was impressed and even defended the promotion of someone "not qualified" (according to even many Modi supporters) to HRD. i did feel that someone who obviously is confident and has her own view of issues would be the right person to the much needed reforms in the education sector. particularly as RSS, which has been forever talking of the "need for education reforms" was being given a full majority ministry at the centre to implement their ideas.
however, since then, i have come to wonder what guides the action of this minister - she has moved from one trivial issue to another - be it the beef in the canteen issue or sanskrit in the curriculum issue. many of these issues are trivial in the context of the larger changes that are possible and which could have been done without much public notice within the ministry. i should say i too felt disappointed that someone with the freshness and the support of a majority government lost a chance to do something that would make her mark in the history of indian education system reforms.
however, the one extra phenomenon that she had to contend with that her male colleagues may have escaped has been the media attention to whatever she does. i do think that the attacks on her now is but a continuation of what it has been for the last couple of years. much of the media, both print and visual, i am convinced is run by male chauvinists
Raghunandan Tr This is so terrible. I am not a fan of Ms. Irani's policies and attitude, but I take great objection to such mean, sexist and rubbishy comments.
Aparna Krishnan I also have enough objections to Ms. Irani, but this is awful. More awful is the silence of the 'feminists'. Is their feminism selectively for their tribe of like-minded women only ? And are the more theoritical issues of right-to-modern-dresses more worthy than a real woman facing such sexism.
Uday Shankar Utterly despicable.
Vijayalakshmi Nadar She herself is not beyond deriding other female professionals .... And is just paying for her arrogance....
Aparna Krishnan Question every woman derided. Her, or by her. And that women can watch when men deride women in these sexist ways appals. I have no idea how you are able to justify it with the above logic.
Vijayalakshmi Nadar Not justifying it... Dismissing it 👍🏼everybody suffers for their arrogance ... Is she as a woman above karma ??
Aparna Krishnan Sexism needs to be exposed and shamed. Anyway, drop it, not worth a discussion.
Vijayalakshmi Nadar She certainly is not worth it 👍🏼reducing everything to sexism, just because somebody belongs to a particular gender, is not worth it either ....
Vijayvithal Jahagirdar I am among those who cracked a few jokes at smriti's expense. I have been equally enthusiastic about cracking jokes at Modi. Similar to smriti who took refuge in her gender, Modi has taken refuge in his being an OBC or an chaiwala to explain the severe criticism.
People like smriti, Modi, pehlaj, gajendra etc. Do not become the butt of jokes because of their gender, or caste, they become one because of their enormous arrogance which makes them bull ahead with their wrong decisions in spite of wiser counsel recommending them not to!
Aseem Chawla Its happened before in court of Indraprastha... All the big Daddies sat quitely watching silently... Talk about sensivity! Nothing learnt!!

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