Sunday, 13 August 2017

Gandhi - Aparigraha.

"I suggest we are thieves in a way. If i take anything that I do not need for my immediate use and keep it, I steal it from somebody else. I venture to suggest that it is a fundamental law of Nature without exception, that she produces enough for our wants from day to day, and if everybody took enough for himself and nothing more, there would be no pauperism, there would be no man dying of starvation in this world. But so long as we have got this inequality, so long we are stealing. I am no socialist and I do not want to dispossess those who have got possessions, but I do say that those of us who want to see the light out of this darkness have to follow this rule in their own lives. I do not want to dispossess anyone, for then I would be departing from the rue of Ahimsa. If someone else possess more than I do, then let him. But so far as my own life has to be regulated, I do say that I dare not possess anything that I do not need. 

In India we have millions of people living on one meal a day, and that meal consisting of a chappati and a pinch of salt. You and I have no right to anything more until these millions are clothed and fed better. You and I, who ought to know better, must adjust our wants, and even undergo voluntary starvation, in order that they may be fed and clothed."

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