Monday, 11 September 2017

Ritucharya - Sharad Ritu

Ayurveda places much significance in Ritucharya - the protocol for each season.
The Sharad Ritu starts soon - Sept 15th to Nov 15th. Currently we are in the Ritu Sandhi where we move from Varsha Ritu to Sharad Ritu. In this week, one gradually changes habits from an anti- vata diet and regimen (as Varsha Ritu is when vata gets vitiated), to an anti- pitta diet and regimen (as Sharad Ritu is Pitta prakopam or vitiation.)
In the Sharad Riru those having Pitta problems will see their problems vitiate. A virechanam (purge), one of the panchakarma procedures is done at this time (and is advised for all) to subdue the pittam.
The diet advised through these two months is sweet, bitter and astringent to counter Pitta. Curds is strictly prohibited as it vitiates Pitta. Sour, salty and spicy foods are similarly avoidable.

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