Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ayurveda - Bladder prolapse

 (Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Centre - Dr. P.L.T. Girija)
I put together the case. I was there through her treatment and cure.
"The patient is a woman above 70 years of age. Since two years the patient’s urinary bladder had descended down. The last year had been very difficult and she has had to manually push up the bladder each time before she can pass urine or feaces. Sitting for a few hours at a stretch has been difficult, and there has been much discomfort when the bladder is full.
The patient initially consulted a gynaecologist about her condition. After a physical examination she was informed that her condition can be addressed only through a surgery. However the gynaecologist told her that since she was all ‘skin and bone’ no surgical procedure was going to be successful. At this point she considered Ayurveda.
The ayurvedic physician examined her condition. Apart from the bladder prolapse the patient also suffered from constipation and was also anaemic. She was advised medicines and a diet which would not aggravate vata. So she had to avoid excess pulses, potatoes, cabbage and such vegetables and ice cold items.
On her first visit on 8th Aug 2014 she was advised Dhanvantara kashayam, Dhatri loham internally to address her condition and general health and was advised to insert a cotton piece soaked in Guggulu Tikta Grutham and Shatadhauta Grutham, and also external application of Dhanvantara Tailam in the hip, groin, thigh area.
A week later she reported that she was able to pass urine and stools comfortably and that with a slight manipulation with the leg she could push the bladder in. She was advised Dhanvantara kashayam, Guggulu Tikta Grutham, and application of the medicated cotton tampon and external application of Dhanvantara Tailam,
Then she started a week of oil treatment (seka) and a procedure of being made to sit in a tub of water filled with a decoction of vata reducing medicines after application of medicated oil.
A week later on 21st August she reported that the bladder would go in on simply touching, and that her frequency of urination had reduced. She was advised Guggulu Tikta Grutham, Chandraprabha vati, Dhatri loham and application of the medicated cotton tampon internally, and external application of Dhanvantara Tailam. She was advised to come after a month.
A month later on 17th Sept she reported that she felt normal, was able to pass gas also normally, and that she felt very comfortable with keeping the cotton tampon. Her medicines were reduced to just Guggulu Tikta Grutham and insertion of the medicated cotton tampon, and external application of Dhanvantara Tailam. She was advised to come after a month.
A month later on 15th October she reported that the bladder had gone in completely, and even when full it did not descend even when she was doing work such as washing clothes. Her urination was free . She was advised to continue the medicated cotton insertion alone, and all internal medication was stopped. As her thyroid levels were closer to normal now, her Eltroxin was also reduced.

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