Friday, 17 November 2017

White men in brown skins.

The white man is protesting against the intolerence in our country. I hope he is doing so after he has signed and honoured every pending treaty with each indigineous community he has defrauded. I am waiting for that news item first.

Aparna Krishnan I said earlier. We have enough White Men in Brown Skins walking in my country ! And vice versa 
Kala Ramnath in the US, the are nicknamed Oreos. Slang white centre, brown outer.
Kala Ramnath They have a generic white man's outlook on the world. That they see solutions not in the local, but in the received western narratives and culture etc.
Aparna Krishnan The white man first ensured that breed in each country he colonised. And to his credit I must say he did a through job. Decades after he's left that indictrination stays strong and deep.
Kala Ramnath yup. Right now even in the Caribbean, we have forgot our families' own traditions as we rush madly towards western solutions. Some are just realising that this wholesalw rush has been a huge mistake and are looking for more local solutions. But the allure is still there, that everything north of Miami is wonderful, and everything south is worthless.
Aparna Krishnan Modernity intoxicates.
Kala Ramnath there is a lot of good, but that comes at a huge price that many don't even want to contemplate.
Komakkambedu Himakiran We have a native term for them; Coconuts, brown outside, white inside!
Aparna Krishnan Komakkambedu Himakiran Anugula By the time you are english-medium-schooled you are a full fledged (coco)nut !
Komakkambedu Himakiran if you don't do well at school or if you hate that education, then you escape being a coconut!
Aparna Krishnan yes, and if you got expelled early on you probably maintain your integrity best ! I wish those schooled in Indian language medium got to run the country. But these snobs in the corridors of power cannot bear the thought.
Aparna Krishnan 'the coconuts in the corridors of power'
Komakkambedu Himakiran It's a grove out there in Lutyens!
Mark Johnston Perhaps there can be a difference between the ruling elites of majority white countries criticising what they still see as their former colonies and campaigners in these 'white' countries showing/giving support to local and indigenous campaigns that have asked for it. It is still a difficult judgement to make without having an innate knowledge of the local context and being, whether or not we like it or chose it, part of a historically privileged and controlling elite in world terms. I hope I never come across as a cheer leader.
Aparna Krishnan The campaigners I hope are as severe with the broken promises that their govt is party to, and in their 'support' against 'virulent governments' elsewhere.
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