Saturday, 23 December 2017

Ekalavya - Mahabharatha

When Dronacharya asked him for his right thumb as "Guru Dakshina" Ekalavya unhesitatingly cut off the thumb and gave it to Dronacharya.
There is a little known sequel to this story. Eklavya was asked whether he ever regretted the act of giving away his thumb when he was dying.
His reply was "Yes ! I regretted this only once in my life. It was when Pandavas were coming in to kill Dronacharya who was broken hearted on the false news of death of his son Ashwathama and had stopped fighting. It was then that I regretted the loss of my thumb. If the thumb was there , no one could have dared hurt my Guru"
Aparna Krishnan A story gives possibilties, and the soul rises on stories of higher possibilities.

Prakash Thangavel akka good one about ekalavya but what does it say about dhrona?

Aparna Krishnan Thats why the mahabharatha is the soul of this country. Every wrong and every right in each person is presented in nuamced detail. Our village, each person, will tell the remotests stories from here. It helps us search ourselves, our failings, as we see mirrored in one or other charactes of this magnum opus.

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