Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Village Economy

Economic Reorganization

In my writing on cent per cent Swadeshi. I have shown how some aspects of it can be tackled immediately with benefit to the starving millions both economically and hygienically. The richest in the land can share the benefit. thus, if rice can be pounded in the villages after the old fashion, the wages will fill the pockets of the rice-pounding sisters had the rice-eating millions will get some sustenance from the unpolished rice instead of pure starch which the polished rice provides. 

Human greed, which takes no account of the health or the wealth of the people who come under its heels, is responsible for the hideous rice-mills one sees in all the rice-producing tracts. If public opinion was strong, it will make rice-mills impossibility by simply insisting on unpolished rice and appealing to the owner of rice-mills to stop a traffic that undermines the health of a whole nation and robs the poor of an honest means of livelihood." (H, 26-10-1934, p. 292)

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