Thursday, 10 May 2018

Patel to Ambedkar regarding conversion

Patel to Ambedkar regarding conversion
"You have stated that untouchability is like a disease in the stomach. It is not going to be cured by applying oil on the stomach; it should be cured by surgery only. You are now prepared to tender advice to the people about conversion. It appears impossible to concur with your surgery on the stomach, you are now telling people to apply knife on the throat and chop off head from the body for getting rid of the stomach disease. Therefore, in spite of having extreme regard and sympathy for you, I am forced to disagree with you. The path you have chosen is quite hazardous. I am fully aware that you are in such adverse circumstances that I would hesitate to criticize you, even if you commit mistakes."
- Patel to Ambedkar (Nov 8 1935)
- Patel, Prasad and Rajaji: Myth of the Indian Right - Neerja Singh Page 42

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