Sunday, 3 June 2018

Jeevani - Dinapeta

Dinapeta, Harijanwada is a village 5 km from our village Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada).  A friend offered to support the expenses with her circle of friends, and we have started the milk program for the children here. This is a community of poor landless agricultural labourers.

The beginnings.  

On this first day our first list of 16 children was impromptu expanded to 21, as other mothers brought their children. More will keep wanting to join.
The village had around 50 children.
The children loved  milk. Jeevani will start regularly with school reopening from June 12th 2018.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, child and outdoorThe medical questionnaire filling was as expected, and depressing. Children with chronic leg pains, headaches, poor appetite. 
But they will get 100% well. With JeevaniMilk. Milk and Ashwagandhadhi and Loha Bhasman.

Eashwaramma s daughter Kalpana lives in Dinapeta and will boil and serve it. She also needs money badly we can now pay her for this. She is herself malnourished, as also her child, and her husband is a patient.

June 18 2018
School started, new admissions have happenned, and milk giving has begun from today. More children are coming daily, and the final numbers will stabilize in a couple of weeks.

3 weeks into milk and ashwagandhadhi and Loha Bhasman.
Most children have left behind all problems. Chronic legacies, headaches, tiredness, lack of appetite.
They come bounding with their glasses for milk. The more imaginative come with two glasses, so that they can cool the milk, pouring from one glass to the other.
They still look scrawny. But when the nourishment they have ever had is rice and a watery rasam, it will take some months to build up a look of health.
They will get to where Varadappanaidupeta, Paalaguttapalle and Kondepalli children are. Bouyant health.



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