Saturday, 23 February 2019

Roots and Cowdung and Cow Urine

We worship the cow.
We sprinkle cow urine on our heads.
We fashion our goddess Gangamma of cowdung, and worship her.
No, we are not BJP. We belong to this soil.
Done with educated illiterates mocking us.

"Cow urine drinker" seems to be a word of abuse today. I see this in many posts. Many liberals stand by that too.
Yes, in my village as a cow pours urine we collect it in our palms and sprinkle it over our heads.
Yes, we also have it internally. Yes, it is considered holy. I have had it. I have also given it to my daughter as part of ayurveda treatment.
Yes, ayurveda mandates use of cow urine, internally and externally.
And to all the disgusted liberals here, I throw you a challenge.
This is India's villages. And if we horrify you, we dont really care.
Please break off from us. And claim neither the food we grow, nor the milk we supply. At least maintain that integrity.
Live on your own sense of virtual superiority.

  • Amarendra Srivastava Ohhh! You forgot to add the prefix "Holy" to say Holy Liberals :-) Or maybe Holier Than Thou Liberals??? ;-) ;-)A good challenge nonetheless!
  • Aparna Krishnan If I call them Holy, they will feel humiliated ! God, sacredness, divinity, holiness, these words upset them very much.
  • Lalitha Rangachari After childbirth we are given panchgavyam
  • Keerthi S My friend farmer in Vijayapura district, Karnataka drinks a glass of desi cow urine. He is above 60 years now. His health is very good. He consumes only desi cow products.
  • Aparna Krishnan We need to publically stand by our practices. That these so called intellectual s of this land mock and deride.

    It's gone too far.
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  • Sangita Sharma A while ago i had a skin rash on my arms, I applied desi cow urine ( in my case my sweet Sita, a gentle Hailkar) whose urine did not have a strong odour and was so effective that my rash disappeared. Till date I swear by our nourishing traditions which is so sadly misunderstood! Good luck to all these liberals who are paving their way into hospitals.
    • Aparna Krishnan Yes, they can go where their love for all things western takes them !
  • Sanjay Maharishi Bullshit!!!!
    • Aparna Krishnan Yes, in my assessment sheet, anyone who can use that word as a term of derision has lost his roots. Totally.
    • Sanjay Maharishi Absolutely. Been saying this since god knows when.
    • Sanjay Maharishi But I was tempted to use it now.
    • Aparna Krishnan Many of the 'activist crowd' use this word liberally. Maybe that was a reason why my ways parted with theirs down the years ...
    • Mark Johnston Ironically one of the meanings of "liberal" is being tolerant of the ideas and behaviour of others.
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  • Nitesh Kothari Well said
  • Ashok Shah As far as possible, people should live and let live.
  • Venkateswara Rao I liked your last sentences much!! 
    These so called self styled liberals neither understand the sanctity nor can able to practice it!! 
    The simplest thing that we can do is to just ignore them!!

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