Wednesday, 10 July 2019

PaalaGuttaPalleFamily, a post a day - Vidhi Rastogi @Meiraas

 When customers become friends and co-travellers, magic happens.
Friend, customer, co-traveller. Vidhi Rastogi
Who gives her boutique orders to the PaalaGuttaPalle team of women.
The Meirass logo, and a delicate muggu embroidered with love and care by Roopa. On pouches, duffel bags and totes.

See this video she made for the team.
Thank you sooo much Aparna Krishnan and the lovely women who made these bags!! They are lovely beyond words...we cannot imagine wrapping our pieces in anything but these.
The team of Roopa, Anitha, Rani and others has brought together an amazing group of people. Across cities and continents. Sharing the same concerns, and answerabilities.


Humbled to the core by initiatives taken by some wonderful people i met since i got into my own venture!! Palaguttapalle Bags is one such inspiring and Meiraas has always got shopping bags made from them.
If my Meiraas can do even a fraction to bring a smile on the faces of such hardworking simple people, i will think my life has finally gained some meaning!!
Thank You Aparna and the wonderful Dalitwada ladies!! ❤️❤️
These new bags will first feature in Mahindra Sanatkada Lucknow Festival 2019 from 1st to 5th Feb as our Shopping Bags.

Hi Aparna
How are u?
I am messaging you as i will be needing more bags 🙂
Everyone loves them so much
People are so happy posing in them.


"Now this is called happiness!! A dear client shopped from us yesterday and we wrapped the shopping as
 usual in our Palaguttapalle bags. 
She visited the fest again today and what a delight to see her carrying our reusable jhola bag as her shopping bag!! Purpose of choosing the sturdy and fantastic Palaguttapalle all purpose bags achieved."

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