Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sukanya in Conference

Sukanya ! My girl.
Who grew up in our village. Going to the local village school, working at home, grazing her grandparents

sheep. As her mother singly worked outside to sustain her.
Tenth was a challenge, given the poor schooling, then she did an ANM course. Very hard work, very long hours as a junior nurse in a private hospital. And studying at nights to complete her 12th. Privately.
Aa there was no future here, she joined another nursing course, GNM, for 3 years, which expenses we helped her with.
Meantime debts at homes, mothers illness and other challenges were there for her to deal with. But the course was completed by her with top marks.
Then she joined a hospital in Hyderabad. It was hard work as a nurse. 48 hour shifts. But she kept at it. With cheerfulness.
Now she is representating her hospital in a conference in Chennai
There are children from privileged families in prestigious medical colleges doing an MBBS. Or in IITs doing engineering.
Her achievement is far higher. The leap is far far greater.
The starting position is so important. To understand the end point.
Thrse are the children of my land. That I salute.

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