Friday, 4 October 2019

Giving as Dharmam

Giving is a way of life. In this soil.
A duty. Embedded in the understanding of god and dharmam.
Done. Unspoken of, unthought of even.
Done. With only gratitude at having been able to do it.
Done. And forgotten the moment it is done.
Eashwaramma, landkess, assetless, poorer than poor. Giving two sacks of rice to the temple for annadaanam from her earnings at agricultural labour. To feed all.
Because it is Dharmam.
Chinapaapamma giving rice to the stranger at the door. Asking for rice. Because he asks. Unheeding that it is drought time, and rice stocks are dwindling.
Because it is Dharmam.
The auto driver. Who every morning brings two vessel s of sambar ricevin his auto. To feed all the street dogs and cats, his friends. Without fail.
Because it is Dharmam.
Dharmam. In understanding this alone can one understand the soul of India.
Dharmam. From the root Dhr. Thst which sustains.

Aparna Krishnan  I learn from the people of my village. Of how high the bar can get. Lessons which are lived teach like nonthng else can.

It is not only giving in silence, not even thinking of the giving.

It is also giving out of ones bare sustenance. Giving away ones tomorrows. A giving that we will never even understand. Given our million privileges.

I watch in awe.

There is the well known story. Of how a man comes upon a sanyasi with a purse of money someone had given him. He demands it, and the sanyasi gives it to him with a smile and a blessing, and moves on empty handed.
And two days later the man comes searching for him, seeking him, and places all the money before him, "I dont want this. Give me that wealth which allowed you to give this away so freely."
I have recollected that story so many time last two decades. That is the samewealth I have seeked from my friends and neighbours in the village.

That courage that allows them to share their last glass of rice, without worrying about their own meal tomorrow. Even in drought.
The root of that courage. That faith. That strength.

Azim Premji has committed more money to charity. My respects. We all need to learn.
And yet, I have seen far greater.
Every poor village. Gives out of its small stock of rice at home. To those in greater need. Seeking at their doors.
Stakeing their own rice for the next day.
Not calling it charity. Or philanthropy. Just seeing it as a simple duty. Also called dharmam. Done in silence. Forgotten of, before the act is completed.

That is the ethos of this land

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