Thursday, 6 February 2020

The dogs at the beach

At the beach. While I was walking by. Today morning. A young man, maybe a fisherman, comes by on his cycle, and puts a sackcloth bag down.
Ten dogs run to him with welcoming yelps, and wagging tails.I stop by to watch, trying to look as if I was not watching. And tried to take a picture, while pretending I wasn't ...
He pulls out a large, very large, box and sweeps up the ground neatly and places sambar rice from the large lunch carrier.
The dogs got busy eating, while their tails wagged faster and faster. He patted them as they ate.
A picture of completeness. Wholeness.
These silent acts, unspoken and unheralded which is as it should be. Are the acts what give the sun the power to shine. And the earth the power to spin.
And these are the people who sustain Creation. And us.

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