Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Another patient post a bad accident and botched surgeries

Last month Rediamma from Dinapeta came with her brother from a far away village near Irala by auto. Her brother had suffered a accident four years ago when he was working as a conservancy worker in Tirupathi. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and his leg never healed, and he returned to his village, unfit for work. His wife moved to Tirupathi to work sweeping roads in his place, and earns to support the family.

As Rediamma lives next to Teja's home, and Teja's husband Ramamurthy suffered a similar accident and improved very substantially on the ayurvedic medicines. she also came to ask if we can give that for her brother. Brihatchagalyadi Grutham is a remarkably good medicine, and a month later she called to day to say that he was feeling much better with the medicine, and id he could have another bottle.

I told her Eashwaramma is in charge of the medicines, and to co-ordinate with her. I also spoke to Eashwaramma. She will give him Dhanwantram Tailam and another bottle of Bruhatchagalyadi Grutan, both exctremely good medicines to build up health, and particularly for debility as he has.

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