Thursday, 13 July 2017

Local languages.

"I find daily proof of the increasing and continuing wrong being done to the
millions by our false de-Indianizing education..... We seem to have come to
think that no one can hope to be like a Bose unless he knows English. I cannot
conceive a grosser superstition than this. No Japanese feels so helpless as we
seem to do…

The medium of instruction should be altered at once and at any cost, the provincial languages being given their rightful place. I would prefer temporary chaos in higher education to the criminal waste that is daily accumulating. In order to enhance the status and the marker-value of the provincial languages, I would have the language of the law courts to be the language of the province where the court is situated. The proceedings of the provincial Legislatures must be in the language, or even the languages, of the province where a province has more than one language, within its borders…At
the centre Hindustani must rule supreme. 

In my opinion, this is not a question to be decided by academicians..... When this country becomes really free, the question of medium will be settled only one way. The academicians will frame
the syllabus and prepare text-books accordingly. And the products of the education of a free India will answer the requirements of the country.…So long as we, the educated classes, play with this question, I very much fear we shall not produce the free and healthy India of our dream. We have to grow by strenuous effort out of our bondage, whether it is educational, economic, social or political. The effort itself is three-fourths of the battle". 

(H, 9-7-1938, pp. 177-8) – Gandhiji

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