Thursday, 13 July 2017

Vinoba and the Jain Sadhvis

Vinoba was a protagonist of khadi, the hand-spun, hand-woven cloth
propagated by Gandhiji. He advocated the cause of khadi every where.

Some Jain Sadhwis came to see Vinoba. A Sadhwi is a woman who has taken the
vow of celibacy. During the course of their conversation Vinoba asked the
Sadhwis why they were not wearing khadi. They had a ready reply. They said
that they do not have any property of their own. Whatever people gave them
they wear.

Vinoba asked them sharply, "Then, would you eat whatever people gave you?"
Being Jains they could not do that, because Jains were strict vegetarians, being
believers in Ahimsa - non-violence.

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