Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Ashwam and the Swami

We went with Eashwaramma to her ashram at Tellagundlapalle, 3 villages away.
Eashwaramma praying inside the room.
The swami was grazing the cows, and came across the fields when he saw us.
His wife made us some tea as we spoke. "We are all born, and we don't know if we will be alive the next day. Life comes with no guarantees. It is our duty to live with dharmam. To look after our family and all others also.
This holds for all. Everyone is blessed. Water, air, sunshine is given equally to all. Only we claim more, and leave less for others. Each of us has to share all we can. "
I see Eashwaramma. From her coolie earnings she has given two sacks of rice for annadaanam. She said that when she gets her pension of 1000/- pm, she will give 500/- for annadaanam next month.
Eashwaramma, asset less, illiterate is not poor. She gives what she can, as often as she can.. . and I remember anew what keeps my country going. The world going. Despite all.
The common people. With simple and all encompassing generosity. The simple philosophy of the swami in a small village.

Sitting with the swami and talking

Kasi Nayana. Kadapa

The swamis dream is nitya annadaanam. Food for all, always. That was his gurus mandate. Kashi nayana swami of Kadapa.
Everyone contributes. Eashwaramma, with her coolie earnings contributes. Rice or money. Annadaanam is seen as the most superior of acts.
If such ashrams dot the country, where food is made available to all who seek food. Supported by the community, according to each persons power.
... and if all other social issues can be woven around this people owned institution.
... this was the pattern in this land.

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