Sunday, 28 January 2018

Jeevani Milk - Kondepalle

Gopalapuram saar and Venkatraman saar called all the children to school today to start Jeevani Milk. On Bhogi day. Jan 15th 2018.
Gopalapuram saar saw the children at Varadappanaidupeta so well. And asked Yuvaraj saar if his children could not also have this milk. They called me up, "The children are from poor homes, most Muslims. Is it possible..." A friend agreed to pay, and we were ready.
Today we went and the teachers told the children that milk is the sampoorna ahaaram, the complete food. And that their leg pains and lack of hunger and headaches would get solved. Annapurna and Eashwaramma explained the process, and described how well the children are since this started. They will go and monitor the process. Annapurna gives milk in our village. Eashwaramma is in charge of Ayurveda in our village. They are the best guides. Yuvaraj saar also came as he was instrumental in connecting and starting.
The children just loved milk. For many it was their first glass of milk after infancy.
Another group of children will step out of anaemia and malnourishment into well being. With milk and Ashwagandhadhi Churnam.


 The children have been having milk since 21st January 2018. Eashwaramma will go once a week to monitor. She went on her first visit today. That she is illiterate is no matter. She checks the milk, talks to the children to ask how they are, discusses with the teachers.

She said, "The children all ran to me saying 'Avva Avva', they are all so well. I wish I had taken chocolates for them. The milk is good and thick, I had a glass also to see, the teachers also have milk there daily. The teachers also say they feel much better with this milk and ashwagandhadhi. The children day their legs dont ache as earlier, and they feel hungrier also. I took the milk accounts from the teacher, he has written and given it to me. We should increase the milk a litlte as extra children keep coming for milk."

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