Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sunny Narang - The Return of Religion

Sunny Narang
The problem of even beginning to conceive the majority of Indian Lived Reality begins with the Family Lifestyles most so-called Policy Planners , Intellectuals , Academics and Media People live.
And obviously the Urban Middle and Upper-Middle Class , especially the Westernised ones live in an Imaginary Universe of the Western Cloud .
If they had ever lived for a few months in a rural area , with rural families and seen the lived reality , they would understand why Family Values, Religion, Jati is Essential to Survive in most of India .
Starting with sharing a single or two room home with 5-10 family members , with even toothbrushes being shared besides clothes and soaps .
How a single health crisis , or accident , brings together the larger clan , of the multiple families related by blood .
How a wedding needs the whole Jati or Caste members invited , because in most Castes the collective cooking needs huge utensils which are owned by various Jati-Panchayats or Samaj.
How political members of same Jati are supported as they need negotiating power against the multiple other Jatis over State Resources .
Numbers of members , are what elective democracy is about, an effective resource against people with establishment power from tradition whether in money or land .
And religious and folk rituals connect Jatis to maintain a common respect , like a Cross Jati or Community Platform for the diversity of social groups.
Religion is like the United Jatis of Hinduism , or United Jamaats of Shia or Sunni Islam .
So starting with Family, one goes to Clans , then to Jatis , then to Religion .
This is a Society .
Now in so-called Secular Modern World , it doesn't matter what version of it.
Capitalist , Communist, Welfare State , Socialist .
It is the so-called Individual and the State .
No community in between .
This again is a Fake Theory, for in reality no such human system exists . Because humans do not live in Collective Vacuums .
How much ever the Mass-Communication Machinery like Films, TV or Internet may try to replace the Human Community via Virtual Imagination .
How much ever the Market may try to convince you that "Your Body is Everything and its Consumption is Heaven" .
How much ever the Government run by Bureaucrats and Politicians may try to convince you that they are the Good Society and replace human relationships by service-providers .
How much ever the University System and the Non-Profits aka NGO's may try to tell you that they are the Real Knowledge Sources and Social-Entrepreneurs and Network Facilitators .
The most ancient form of human touch and feel relationships, built on wisdom, direct intimate emotional and spiritual experimentation is the foundation of Human Collectives .
For we are collective beings .
And those can never ever be documented or governed by any power outside of those directly engaged . If that , at best .
So the Urbanistas get scared by the Shias flogging themselves , the Hindus doing Kanwar Yatras or Ganpati Visarjans or Christians nailing themselves to crosses .
But they are OK with Mass Hysteria on Rockstars and False Gods of Cinema , and having drugs and raves .
So simply .
The Western Consensus of Modernity is now an unmitigated disaster .
And a hundred religious and spiritual resurgences are happening since last few decades and will only become larger and larger .
As God who was Dead , is now Reborn in various Avatars .
I feel sorry for the Atheistic Seculars .
For the Theistic Pluralists , there is no problem at all.
Since long we have known that Monocultures are bad for Agriculture and Nature .
So Long Live Multi-Diverse , Families, Jatis , Religions , Peoples .
And let the dried-up spiritless , soulless , intellectuals wither away.
Jai Sanatan Srijan Satsang .
Hail The Eternal Creative Communion.
Indian Housing Census , 2011 .
According to the 2011 census, there are 24.67 crore households in India.
Of these, 68% are rural households and 32% urban households. Data suggests that a majority of households live in owned houses in both rural and urban areas.
The share of households living in owned houses is 95% in rural areas and 69% in urban areas.
Overall, 21.35 crore, or around 86% of these households, were living in owned houses.
Now compare this with statistics for the US.
Data from the National Multifamily Housing Council says that 37% of American households were living in rented houses in 2014.
But about 40 percent have One room besides a kitchen and about 70% have Two rooms to inhabit , with an average family size of 5.
So in India , the important thing is ownership . Not size.
Not to pay rent .
So if 40% of Indians live in Single Room homes, what is this concept of "Privacy" we talk about . Even about 70 % have little privacy with all kids sharing one room with probably a single or double Grandparent .

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