Monday, 21 January 2019

Lessons - The Groundnut Vendor

I see the old man selling roasted groundnuts on his wooden cart. At the street corner. Every evening.
Roasting groundnuts on sand in the large iron pan, and sieveing them as he gives them to the passing customers. Groundnuts packed into paper cones, neatly folded.
10/- a cone.
I see the array of thick glass bottles on his cart. With groundnut balls, with local bakery biscuits. Each packed into neat paper peices when handed over to the customers.
I see the stray dogs that stay around him. Fed biscuits, and maybe also groundnuts. The old man and they, sharing a long standing bond.
I see the simple ways in which life exists. In cities as in vilages.
And realise again how far we the privileged have moved away from all this.

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