Monday, 11 February 2019

Universal Basic Income

From another wall/ thread. On a post suggesting that universal basic income in india will make people lazy. As a study said that it did in Finland.
I agree completely with this comment here.
Sanjeev Prakash It doesn't apply at all to India. This was done in a high income country and the results are not be considered in the remotest something for poor countries to learn from. 
In India most of the huge underclass will have to supplement it with work wages since given their number it'll necessarily be a small amount, nowhere near enough even for the food to maintain health and a working life. But that smallish amount to everyone will provide a modicum of decency and backstopping insurance in society so that life is not lived out in sheer desperation, from hand to mouth and rounds of degradation and exploitation, so there is a little chink of light in life. Do not grudge anyone that, and under mistaken premises.
I and they will vote for those who bring it in. You and friends can go the way of Marie Antoinette and eat a little more to make up for the malnutrition 😦

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