Wednesday, 1 May 2019

PaalaGuttaPalleBags in Agriculture World

Happy to see the bags covered here.
A small error is there. The mention that I am the person behind it. I am not.
Roopa, Kala, Anitha, Rani, Lakshmikantha, Nirmala, Buji, Annapurna, Ramila are the pillars of this very very remarkable effort.
Where women, landless agricultural labourers, seeing their worlds close down in drought, on their own effort, charted a new path for themselves.
And brought into that a quality that established their name across the land.
Lavanya LakshmananArun KombaiVigneshwaran Karthikeyan and I have walked with them some distance, past few years. As assistants. That is all our role is.
The show is theirs.

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