Friday, 12 July 2019

PaalaGuttaPalleFamily, a story a day. Renuka Pinto

Renuka Pinto. We connected over FB in 2016. And since then many

Renuka's amazing painting
shared travels down the years.

Always reaching out. To ask after Sasi when he dropped out of school. To ask after Kavya, when Eashwaramma struggled with hr bringing up. Varalu.

Reaching out to help. On her own initiative. Again and again.

Her family too.

Always a concern for the other. Despite every personal up and down.

Ordering bags from the PaalaGuttaPalle team.

And in a Hastavem exhibition linking up the team to one of their strongest supports. Reena Sujai of Hastavem.

Friends make the journey easier, and more joyful !

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