Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Annasamy Anna - Morning satsang. Satsang over tea.

"People used to be one. And share all they had. Now times have changed ...", Annasamy Anna

"Why ?", I asked.
" Because money came in. With money, those who have more, engage only with those who have more.
They can take money from each other when they need, and also give. So they become a closed group.
The poor stay seperate.
The walls grow with money always ..."
Today I got some very important answers. That I gave been searching for, for long.

  • Vigneshwaran Karthikeyan "When money came in they were able to take money from each other when they need. So they become a closed group".

    When there was not this intermediary money then what was happening?. People were not taking things from each other when they need?. Wish somebody could elaborate!.

  • Aparna Krishnan When there is no money (or gold as a token of currency) the class divisions are far less acute. We can hoard only as much rice as we have granaries, and so it is perishable.

    With money comes class difference, and with more money, sharper differences.
     And then the world's become different.

    When we are in one world, one community, there is much more sharing, understanding and mutualism.

    The village 20 years ago was 'poorer' place, and yet people used to take curries from each others homes routinely, and eat in each others homes.

    With drought, when things became scarce, and everything had to be purchased, this simple sharing became less. People hesitated to ask and take as there was so little in every home.

    Here Annasamy Anna is giving another angle to how culture gets eroded. The culture of simple community bring.

The girls. Chandana and Turiya. " Ayya, girls are better, no."  
Annasamy Anna. "Gangamma and Agni Devudu. The goddess Ganga and the God of Fire. Only if both are there, you can cook isn't it. Only if both are there you will make me my tea.
Both are needed. Equally. Among gods. Among ants. Among people. The male and the female."

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