Monday, 23 December 2019

Dharmam Discussions

Dharma, artha, kama, moksha - the four purusharthas.
When only artha (wealth), and kama (desires) are taught as goals to a generation the decline of that civilization begins.
Dharma (one's larger duties), and moksha (independence from the sway of likes and dislikes, or sthithapragya) need to be inculcated. For the sake of the child, of the generation, of the civilization.
Narayana Sarma Hiranya kashyapa instructed Prahlada's teachers to teach him only the first three aspects of life. Yet Prahlada chose and mastered the fourth that no one taught him!
Narayana Sarma - Dharma there meant duty
Aparna Krishnan - Dharma always means duty. And much more English has no word as vast as Dharma. So it translates it to Duty.
Narayana Sarma - What society prefers to teach is always so different from what the children choose to learn! (wow I love this line of mine! 


Some schools seem to be giving credits, marks, for 'social work'. Colleges seem to be looking for these credits.
Another madness unleashed..
The surest way to destroy genuineness and potential good in a child is this.

Service is that which is done in silence, in humility, in gratitude.
It is not a token of exchange. That is business.


I have some youngsters calling up these days. High school children. Asking if they can help with the PaalaGuttaPalle bags.
Which is a great thing. High school is the age to get into understanding the details of survival, livllihoods, disparity, our own role in this. Collective answerabilities.
I try to think with them on how we can work together.
But then sometimes it comes up that they need it for their college resume. And they want to know what they will be given, a citation, a prize ...
And then I stop. Think.
Of the need for essentials. Always.
AmAnatvam, Adhambatvam. Humility.
Service done in silence. The only valid way.
How when acts are planned without the essentials, so much may get done, and yet in a sense nothing is done ...
The reality today ...

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