Saturday, 21 March 2020

Poverty ? Or Affluence ? The real problem.

Money is the answer if poverty is the problem.
What if affluence is the problem
Then what is the answer 🤔  
  • Vipin Sharma Charity
  • Malavika Sidhanti Retribution of Redistribution...
    • Aparna Krishnan Malavika Sidhanti yes, till at least the last man has all the basic needs of nutrition, education, health and his well being.

      After that a gradation in possession is natural.

      But till the last man is fed and clothed adequately, each of us has that as our first answerability.
  • Yogasharan V S Prakash Confluence is the answer.
  • Uday Dandavate Embracing humility and frugality.
  • Vijay Chacko A room in each affluent house for the stranger and the hungry.
  • Asha Kachru Try to become poor means live with less.
  • Jayesh Jain Unfortunately affluence is in mind. People who feel affluent are generally not because they might continue to earn by not so good means .

    So the moment "real Lakshmi of satisfaction" dawn upon someone then seva and tyag is natural consequence and it is no more a problem.

    Affluence can not be a problem. Nature is affluence.

    Striving for perceived affluence is the problem.
  • Jayesh Jain Also solution of poverty is not money. Money is the cause of poverty.

    Tomorrow if as a society we loose confidence in money, then so called poor people will be much better placed. So solution of poverty is devaluation of money
    • Aparna Krishnan But to survive today the poor need money ... to live to fight the bigger battle.

      Thats the catch 😑
    • Jayesh Jain That is something to discuss. My limited experience suggest that community need to play outside the money to make money dance to their tune. Till community attach any importance to money, it's downhill. There will be sacrificed to be made but that's for good in larger scheme of things
  • Sameer Shisodia Abundance. V different from affluence.
    • Aparna Krishnan Sameer Shisodia yes here I'm talking of affluence.
    • Sameer Shisodia I meant abundance - the natural kind - is the cure for affluence :) If everyone has enough of the basics, the anxiety around less/more will reduce. Building natural abundance is a major solution for much today.
  • Jataayu B'luru Viewing affluence as a problem is not a healthy mindset. Affluence is never a problem - it is a boon and blessing, if earned, maintained and utilized and shared in a Dharmic way. It is the corrupt influences and selfish attitudes that it brings along with it is the real problem. The Dharmic approach to solve that problem is to educate and guide the affluent persons to follow restraints in their consumptions and enjoyments, donate generously and share their bounty with others, especially the ones who are less fortunate. That is why giving (daana - दान - தானம்) is praised again and again repeatedly in Hindu Dharma.
    • Aparna Krishnan Jataayu B'luru Please educate.
    • Aparna Krishnan Urgently. The stratosphere has been torn apart by the affluence and consumerism. The climate change has destroyed lives and livlihoods in my village.

      I suggest the 'education and guidance' be hastened. Otherwise there will be no one left to educate. 😑
  • Amit Bhatnagar If money is the problem, poverty is the answer!


In response to an earlier post of mine asking if affluence or poverty was the real problem someone made a post.
Saying that affluence was good, and only needed to be accompanied by charity.
The devil is always in the details. This was my response to thst post.
Two questions

1. Modern affluence is linked to modern consumerism. Air conditioners, cars, foreign vacations. Which has destroyed climate patterns, rain patterns. And liad waste lives and livlihoods in my village. And all villages.
How would you respond to affluence today, and defend it ?

2. Disparity has torn apart society. Malnourishment is rising as also reckless consumption. And this spectre is increasing.
What is the daanam that is needed today ? 50% ? More ? Less ?To address it realistically. An annual check made out to an NGO simply allows us to silence the uncomfortable conscience and go on
Islam and Sikhism have clear prescriptions on daanam. Hinduism does not, it leaves it at the pancha mahayagnas concept and leaves it to the thinking of the practitioner.
The thinking of the practitioners is usually very self serving, that is human nature.
Religion needs to rework itself for the times to stay socially meaningful and responsible.
3. Also, one more point, in times of utter poverty, how ethical is it to splash affluence in the faces of the poor ?

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