Thursday, 4 July 2019

PaalaGuttaPalleFamily, a story a day. Reena Sujai

Reena Sujai, friend and much more. Also part of the PaalaGuttaPalleBags fron day one.
She is the mover behind Hastavem, one of the finest sites on handlooms. Working with weavers. Creating markets for weavers. Check it out. Here and on Instagram.
Reena packs her sarees in PaalaGuttaPalle bags, she gives away embroidered pouches as gifts. She
sends handwritten notes to her customers about PaalaGuttaPalle.
She sends the PaalaGuttaPalle team the most beautiful handloom saree gifts. She has been strengthening them in ways that go beyond buying their wares.
She send me also sarees as gifts. I dont deserve them, but they are my most beautiful sarees ! I love them.

Reena Sujai
July 11, 2017 ·
PaalaGuttaPalleBags Again.
The bags were as beautiful as Annapoorna Anita and Varalu.
Dear friends as you all must be noticing i keep sharing post about Paalguttapalle village of Andhra..
A drought prone area where the woman make these cloth bags for their livelihood..
Do go ahead and place an order.
The bags can be used for packing return gifts in birthday marraige or any other event ( now a days every damn thing is celebrated with pom pom) or even if u dnt have any function or purpose or any need at all.
As how many tyms have we purchased stuffs which are actually of any need to us??."
Aparna Krishnan
December 26, 2017 ·
Today the women got these beautiful sarees from her by parcel. Gifts. Beautiful sarees that they all loved. Sarees that they could never imagine buying.
Gifts given with love and respect. Gifts taken with love and respect. Giifts that challenge and break the walls of caste and class. Gifts where both giver and taker stand equally validated in a common humanity.
Thank you Reena, for the many lessons. Of how help is done in silence, unselfconsciously, with love. In sustained manner.

Latter half of 2019, Reena posted on Hastavem an offer that the sarees would be had at a discount by customers who ordered PasalaGuttaPalleBags

And then Reena came up with this magic ! A new year offer of Hastavem sarees and PaalaGuttaPalle compartment bags. 2019 Dec

The sets flew off the shelf !

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